The new DL Replica, available in 250cc & 300cc Versions, is an evolution of last years hugely successful model. It has been created thanks to Dougie’s vast wealth of knowledge & experience gained whilst winning his 12 World Tittles. In addition to which we can add his 4 straight victories of the SSDT & recent back to back victories of the Scott Trial, always aboard a Vertigo.

All of this unrivaled experience & expertise has been channeled directly into the designing and building of this new DL Replica.

Dougie has spent endless hours working very closely together with our team of Engineers at the Vertigo Factory. Intensively testing and refining the bike during the past months. This has enabled us to build the most responsive, agile, smooth and refined Vertigo to date.

The bike is a true replica in the sense that all of Dougie’s own personal preferences in frame & suspension geometry, power delivery & map settings have been incorporated into this new model. As well as all of these personal settings the bike is loaded with a wealth of high-end racing components.

The Tech Racing front forks in combination with the multi adjustable Reiger rear shock provide extremely smooth and responsive feedback to the rider. Whilst also allowing any rider to further fine tune their suspension set up depending on their individual riding style.

The cylinder head is a new design, optimized to Dougie’s personal preference. As is the throttle body. These linked with a 366g flywheel weight kit ensure an extremely smooth and controllable power delivery.

The Titanium exhaust is also unique to this model. And of course, the Renthal bars have always been Dougie’s own personal choice of handle bar. A two position mapping switch allows the rider to instantly switch between,

Dougie’s two most versatile personal maps.

The red anodized wheel rims, triple clamps, frame & engine parts give the bike a distinctive racing look & set it aside from all other models. Whilst the carbon-fibre engine case guards, as well as protecting vulnerable parts of the engine help to add to the factory look of this bike.

The frame benefits from reinforcement to key areas and is finished in a classy matte black.

The new red, black, white, and green graphics give a fresh and unique look to the bike whilst at the same time keeping true to Vertigo Motors traditionally color scheme. You will also find Dougie’s personal logo in many areas of the bike with his most prestigious victories and his own signature prominently displayed on the airbox cover. And to finish off and leave no one in doubt as to who’s replica bike this is, each Dougie Lampkin Replica will come with it’s own custom DLR work mat to match the bike and its own Limited Edition engraved metal plate.

The Vertigo Factory will produce only 50 exclusive units for World Wide distribution. Therefore this model is a true Limited Edition bike, which only a few lucky people World Wide will have the chance of owning.


  • All New Lightweight Chassis: For a more agile and controlled ride, whilst saving 800g Over the standard frame.
  • New Tech Racing Forks: Give maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider.
  • New Reiger 3 Way Rear Shock: Provides even smoother & more controlled Suspension travel, as well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.
  • DL Racing Throttle Body: Provides the rider with an extremely smooth &  precise throttle response, throughout the rev range.
  • Dougie’s Personal  Engine Mapping: Providing a super smooth power delivery for maximum traction in all conditions.
  • Complete Redesign Of The Clutch: Allowing for an even lighter, more responsive & precise feeling. Providing even the most demanding riders, the ultimate feeling of control at their finger tip.
  • New Flywheel Weight Kit 366g: Allows the power delivery of the bike to be even smoother & more controlled, helping to optimize drive and traction in all conditions.
  • New Radiator Design & New Fan: Improves airflow & cooling, whilst being more resistant to heavy impacts.
  • New Silencer Guard Spacers: Give the rider more precision & control when maneuvering the bike.
  • Lanyard Type kill Switch: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.
  • Ultra Light, Billet Machined, Triple Clamps: With anodized red finish.
  • S3 Hard Rock Footpegs: In anodized red with non-slip steel pins.
  • Carbon Fibre Engine Case Guards: Added protection for the engine cases, whilst adding to the overall racing look of the bike.
  • Vertigo Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder Covers: In anodized red.
  • Renthal handle bars & grips.
  • S3 Red Anodized Clutch & Brake Adjusters: Allow instant fine tuning of your controls.
  • Custom DLR work mat
  • Dougie Lampkin Limited Edition-Engraved Metal Plate.


Engine Redefined 2T engine by Dougie Lampkin  
Engine Size 250cc EFI 300cc EFI
Power 25 HP / 9200 rpm 31 HP / 9200 rpm
Ø x STROKE 72.5x60mm 79x60mm
CRANKCASE Aluminum  
GEARBOX 6 Speed 4 Gears Trial Developed
CLUTCH Adjustable Preload Wet
Multi-disc Oil
TRANSMISSION 10z/42 10z/42
EXHAUST MUFFLER Special titanium design  
MANIFOLD Stainless Steel  
PERFORMANCE PARTS Racing Geometry Throttle Body 366gr Flywheel Weight
RADIATOR Vertigo Special
Adapted to Frame Shape
FUEL INJECTION Electronic Fuel Injection  
ENGINE SENSORS Integrated Injection Driver
CAN 2.0 B
Atmospheric Pressure & Air Temperature Sensor
TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
WATER PUMP ECU Controlled Electronic Water Pump  
FRAME 25CrMo4 Steel + Aluminium 6082 Subframe  
SWINGARM Black Aluminium Cast  
FRONT SUSPENSION Tech Racing Gold 170mm  
Monoshock REIGER 2-Way Shock
Adjustable Compression, Rebound and Spring Preload
AIRBOX   High Volume Capacity Airbox   
FUEL TANK High Capacity 2.3l Low Center of Gravity
HANDLEBAR Renthal Fatbar  
FRONT BRAKE Hydraulic Braktec System 185mm disc
FRONT RIM Morad Red 1.60 x 21″ Vertigo Design Black Hubs
REAR BRAKE Hydraulic System 150mm FIM Disc
REAR CALIPER 2 Pistons  
REAR RIM Morad Lightweight Red Anodized 2.15×18″ Vertigo Black Hubs
TIRES Dunlop D803GP  
WHEELBASE 1310mm  


3.59 K