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The JB-R model is the outstanding result of the fusion of two of the most successful Vertigo products. The high performance of the R series has been combined with the exclusive and unique essence of the Jaime Busto Replica.

To develop this new model, the Vertigo R&D engineers have been working hand by hand with GET. The outcome is a revolutionary battery-assisted electronic injection system, which in all respects improves and facilitates the start of the bike while optimizing the operation of the its electrical components.

Other unique features of the JB-R over previous models are the new front fender, a machined clutch cover, silicone cooling hoses, machined aluminum hubs,  footrests and rear brake step plates.

The black, green and red textured Snake Skin vinyls and black side exhaust match the unmistakable, energetic and aggressive style of Jaime Busto, the current Trials Spanish Absolute Champion and third classified at TrialGP and X-Trial World Championships 2021.

The JB-R is available in all engine sizes: 125, 200, 250, 280 and 300cc.

ENGINE 2 stroke engine
ENGINE SIZE 125cc EFI 200cc EFI 247cc EFI 280cc EFI 300cc EFI
Ø x STROKE 54×54.5mm 72.5×54.5mm 72.5x60mm 76x60mm 79x60mm
CRANKCASE Aluminium 
GEARBOX 6 speed gearbox, 4 gears designed for trials
CLUTCH Multi-disc oil wet, adjustment preload
New mechanized clutch cover, detachable
TRANSMISSION 9z/48 9z/40 10z/42
HYBRID START SYSTEM Battery assisted, for a easier start and optimized operation of the electrical components
Dedicated battery compartment under the seat, protected from mud and water
SILENCER All new silencer, black edition JB-R – Improved suspension travel – Reduced heat transfer to components – Interchangeable fibers – Reduced engine braking – Snake skin vinyls
MANIFOLD Vertigo Design Stainless steel
Silicone cooling hoses
Machined aluminum hubs
Machined Vertigo footrests and rear brake step plates
Racing geometry throttle body
Snake Skin graphics JB-R edition
RADIATOR Vertigo special design, adapted to frame shape
FUEL INJECTION Electronic Fuel Injection
ENGINE SENSORS Integrated injection driver
Protocol CAN 2.0 B
TPS (Throttle position sensor)
Atmospheric pressure & Air temperature sensor relocated to intake manifold for improved accuracy
All new ECU controlled electronic water pump:
Self purging
Improved performance
Smaller (better protection)
Easier to access mechanically
NITRO multitubular chassis 25CrMo4 steel with new micro-fusion shock mount + aluminium 6082 subframe
Enhaced dynamics and response
Improved suspension travel
SWINGARM Black Aluminum Cast
FRONT SUSPENSION Tech Factory 170mm stroke
REAR SUSPENSION Monoshock / swingarm, Vertigo design swingarm combined with 
  swingarm combined with REIGER 2 way monoshock with compression, rebound and spring preload adjustment
  170mm stroke
AIRBOX New airbox design providing better performance especially in lower RPM
PETROL TANK New high capacity 2.3l and repositioned fuel tank, low and centered CG
HANDLEBAR Renthal Fatbar
FRONT BRAKE Hydraulic Braktec system with 185mm disc
FRONT RIM Morad Red 1.60 x 21″ , red anodized hubs Vertigo design
REAR BRAKE Hydraulic Braktec system with 150mm disc FIM Homologated
REAR CALIPER 2 pistons
REAR RIM Morad Bronze 2.15×18″, red anodized hub Vertigo design
TIRES Dunlop D803GP
SKID PLATE Redesigned 6mm skid plate, lighter, better shock defense
NEW PLASTICS  Lower height, increased rider mobility. Special JBR racing image design
QR CODE  QR code with access to Vertigo’s website
WEIGHT 66.6kg 68kg


6.37 K