Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the latest evolution of the Vertical Works model. This new model will be available in the traditional 125, 250 & 300cc versions, and new for 2020 the exciting 200cc version.

Our team of Vertigo engineers, guided by our brand ambassador & 12 times Trials World Champion Dougie Lampkin, who in turn has worked relentlessly during the 2019 season with our extremely talented team of World Championship riders, consisting of Jaime Busto, Jorge Casales & Berta Abellan have ensured that the latest 2020 version of this already extremely advanced 2 stroke, fuel injection machine is even more refined & reliable than ever before.

The 125cc is a model which has already earned its place in the elite stable of Vertigo models. Thanks to this model, in the hands of Pau Martinez becoming 2019 European 125cc Champion in its debut year.

The new 200cc model, combines the very best elements of both the 250cc & 125cc models. Resulting in a bike capable of taking on virtually any challenge. Whilst always providing the rider with total control of their machine. This new model is ideal for first time riders, or those who do not require the full power of a 250cc or higher capacity bike. Yet who still demand enough power to take on challenging sections & lines.

Each version of this 2020 model has been subject to the same meticulous technical development. Meaning this new model, takes the already most technically advanced and revolutionary trials bike on the market, to a whole new level & keeps the bike in an entire class of its own.

If you demand the ultimate in quality, advanced technology & performance then this is the bike for you.

The distinctive & attractive new aesthetics of the bike are achieved thanks to the totally new look 2020 graphics with their matte finish, combined with the new olive green chassis color scheme. Complimented by the many red anodized components such as the stunning new billet machined wheel hubs & triple clamps, red anodized cylinder head, engine & chassis fixings and front subframe. While the new for 2020 black finish of the wheel rims, skid plate and side stand add a touch of class to this very attractive new bike.

These are the main new features of the 2020 Vertigo, Vertical-Works.

  • Reiger adjustable rear shock. Compression & extension. Provides super smooth & controlled suspension travel. As well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.
  • Tech racing forks, with adjustable rebound, end-stroke & spring pre-load. Provide maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider.
  • New lightweight billet alloy wheel hubs laser etched with the Vertigo logo & finished in anodized red.
  • FIM/Race-Spec Galfer rear disk.
  • S3 Hardrock steel footrests.
  • Racing throttle body.
  • New Mapping customized to 2020 configuration. Allows the rider to switch between a more aggressive map for dry & grippy conditions or a super smooth map for wet & slippery conditions.
  • New thermodynamic configuration.
  • New 2020 specification cylinder head – with red anodized finish.
  • Vertigo CNC brake & clutch lever adjusters – Allow instant fine tuning of your controls.
  • Renthal handlebar grips.
  • New Vertigo handlebar pad.
  • Throttle cable adjuster at the handlebar.
  • Magnetic lanyard kill switch ready to race feature.
  • New design billet triple clamps with red anodized finish.
  • Redesigned clutch: allowing for a more responsive & precise feeling.
  • New radiator design & new fan: improves air flow & cooling, whilst being more resistant to heavy impacts.
  • New silencer guard spacers: give the rider more precision & control when maneuvering the bike.
  • New 2020 Specification Reinforced Frame.
  • Dunlop GP Tires.
Engine 2 Stroke Fuel Injected    
Engine Size 125cc EFI 200cc EFI 250cc EFI 300cc EFI
Ø x STROKE 54×54.5mm 64×54.5mm 72.5x60mm 79x60mm
CRANKCASE   Aluminum    
GEARBOX   6 Speed 4 Gears Trial Developed  
CLUTCH   Wet Multi-disc Oil Adjustable Preload
TRANSMISSION 9z/48 9z/42 10z/42 10z/42
EXHAUST MUFFLER   Symmetric and Centered Silencer    
PERFORMANCE PARTS   Racing Geometry Throttle Body S3 Hardrock Steel Footrests  
RADIATOR   Vertigo Special
Adapted to Frame Shape  
FUEL INJECTION   Electronic Fuel Injection    
ENGINE SENSORS Integrated Injection Driver Protocol
CAN 2.0 B
Atmospheric Pressure & Air Temperature Sensor TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
WATER PUMP   ECU Controlled Electronic Water Pump    
FRAME   25CrMo4 Steel + Aluminium 6082 Subframe    
SWINGARM   Aluminum
FRONT SUSPENSION   Tech Racing 170mm Stroke  
REAR SUSPENSION Monoshock REIGER 2-Way Shock Adjustable Compression, Rebound and Spring Preload 170mm Stroke
AIRBOX     High Volume Capacity Airbox     
FUEL TANK   High Capacity 2.3l Low Center of Gravity Oil Mixture
HANDLEBAR   Renthal Fatbar    
FRONT BRAKE   Hydraulic Braktec System 185mm disc  
FRONT CALIPER   4 Pistons    
FRONT RIM   Morad Black 1.60 x 21″ Vertigo Design Red Hubs  
REAR BRAKE   Hydraulic System 150mm FIM Disc  
REAR CALIPER   2 Pistons    
REAR RIM   Morad Black Anodized 2.15×18″ Vertigo Design Red Hubs  
TIRES   Dunlop D803GP    
TOTAL LENGTH   2010mm    
WHEELBASE   1310mm    
SEAT HEIGHT   680mm    


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