Two weeks after the French Grand Prix, the TrialGP paddock headed to Bradford (Great Britain), the venue that was going to hold the fifth round of the 2017 season. In the TrialGP class, Jeroni Fajardo was back in the fight for the podium, as our factory rider was fifth both on Saturday’s qualification section and onSunday’s race. On the opening day, which saw the riders fighting for a proper starting position, Fajardo put himself at the top of the table during the first part of the event as he was one of the first riders to contest the section. He finally dropped to fifth place, only 3 seconds slower than the best time.

Thanks to that good result, Fajardo could start with the last group of riders on Sunday, a fact that would help him on his way through the two laps over the fifteen British sections. On lap one our rider was able to end with only 17 marks, a punctuation that led him to hold a provisional third place, just one point behind the local rider James Dabill (Gas Gas), who scored 16.

On the second lap Fajardo could manage to improve his first ride with 15 marks on his target, even though, this step forward wasn’t enough to keep himself on the podium. His rivals improved their rides too, leaving a tight classification at the end of the day. Fajardo finished with 32 marks, the same punctuation as James Dabill. With a larger number of cleans, Dabill would eventually finish in 4th place. The gap between the Top5 riders was pretty small, nothing but four points separated Fajardo from the second place and two from the third. After this race, Fajardo is still in the fight for a podium finish in the Championship Standings, he now sits in fifth, sharing the same amount of points as Jaime Busto (Montesa) who is fourth, and with his sights set on Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa), who is currently third with seven more points.