Vertigo makes a step forward this month with the unveiling of its new Combat Fajardo Replica, a motorbike that features within its range of components, improvements that come straight from our official rider Jeroni Fajardo’s achievements inside the most demanding trial competitions worldwide. Thanks to the experience taken from this championships comes to life this new model, which includes personal additions from Jeroni Fajardo, helping Vertigo to keep moving forward and take his range even to higher level, offering our customers a bike capable to compete in the most demanding conditions with this limited edition.


One of the most significant changes is in the rear suspension with a new system called Rocker Lineal. This system brings a new geometry that is more progressive, enhancing riders stability and control when attempting the steps.


Another aspect to highlight from this Fajardo Replica is the optimized distribution, which improves substantially the engine performance. Progress that is complimented by a new exhaust manifold, that has been evolved with Vertigo technology and built with titanium. In this group of new additions that will help our customers to feel more comfortable with their motorbike response, there is the need to take another joining part into account. Boyesen carbon reed valves are yet another component that extend this range of quality innovations, giving this Fajardo Replica one more differential factor. 



The air filter has also been improved, adding a new and shorter Twin Air filter, allowing better attainment. Other innovations we have to stay tuned to are the engine carbon protectors, offering a better protection of the engine from hypothetical knocks. Also, the redesigned carter with a better layout, that lightens his weight and brings more control when hitting the steps. The handlebar is coming from the widely recognized Renthal brand with Fatbar protection, the rear brake is new too, incorporating the one used by our riders in the FIM World Trial Championship. What concerns about the transmission system, this Fajardo Replica has a new gear rim of 42 teeth totally mechanized and with less weight.


Furthermore, the engine map system has been improved as well by following Jeroni Fajardo’s advises, taken from his wide experience inside the toughest trial competitions. Not only in this new mapping system, but also in many other parts, Jeroni has made his statements to put together in this new bike, all what the highest level of competition demands.


To keep on with these new features there are the new grip adhesives in both sides of the bike, allowing a greater development for the rider on the bike by offering further grip and stability.


Once again with a dynamic and attractive design, the Fajardo Replica comes with an increment of green tones in its plastic kit, with black and red details that make it more unique. Within these details we can found such improvements like the new brake levers, provided with a new system of manual regulation that does not need any tools to be set.


As we said, Jeroni Fajardo has taken an important part in the conception of this new bike,  testing it continuously to assure the best experience possible for our customers, as well as implementing several own ideas to achieve a greater experience. After clinching two consecutive podiums in the best trial competitions worldwide, with a third place in the 2017 FIM X-Trial Championship and a Runner-up finish in the FIM Trial World Championship 2016 manufacturers class, Vertigo remains with his goals really clear. Our passion pushes us moving forward, with interesting future projects to be developed, and in the meantime, to keep on bringing to our customers the best bikes possible to practice our beloved sport, always in the cutting edge of trials technology, implementing innovation and research in every step of our chain production in the pursuit of exellance.


Combat Fajardo Replica 2017 Limited Edition 250cc and 300cc developments


– New rear suspension geometry Rocker Lineal

– New titanium exhaust manifold developed with Vertigo Technology

– New Boyesen carbon wiper blades

– New light weighted carter design 

– Specific features Replica Fajardo (Vertigo covers, new brake levers) anodized in red

– Renthal handlebar with Fatbar protector

– New Twin Air air filter

– Grip adhesives

– New gear rim with less weight of 42 teeth

– FIM rear brake

– New engine map system

– New Vertigo carbon engine covers 

– Customized stop system