Considered one of the most exclusive motorbikes within the trial industry, this premium model comes back with a group of improvements that leaves a unique bike, geared up with exclusive spare parts and components that really make the difference. The Titanium R 2018 will come in a limited edition, so it will be more exclusive than ever. After launching the brand new Combat Vertical 2018 earlier in August, Vertigo adds a new model that takes our brand into another level, featuring many components of the highest quality to build an unprecedented motorbike.

The Titanium R 2018 gives perfect reflection to one of the most important values for Vertigo: the innovation. This model gives great evidence of the willfullness the brand has for creating adifferentiated bike from all the others, applying to its conception own technology combined with solid and high performance spare parts. From all this borns into life a unique motorcycle, that offers a high standard bike for the most exigent trial lovers.

Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2018 details

– Titanium GR5 tubular frame of 2,100kg weight.

– Titanium screws and foot pegs supports (-500gr).

– Magnesium swing arm with 1,600kg weight.

– New crankcase design with new cooling system.

– Injected clutch and ignition cover to reduce the weight.

– New crankcase protector.

– White TECH ALU front suspension.

– Front works carbon protectors.

– Adjustable suspension plates with more advance.

– Reiger 3 way suspension.

– New side protectors.

– Special foot pegs.

– Renthal handlebar and handle bar protector.

– Adjustable gas cable.

– Mechanized CNC aluminium adjustable brake handles in anodized red.

– Mechanized wheel rim with X-Light tyres.

– Ultimate generation brake system with red anodized covers.

– Rear brake disc with FIM certified.

– Rear wheel axis with acoplated eccentrics.

– Customized stop system.

– New decoration.
– New radiator protector.

– New injection system.

– New plastics (airbox, rear mudguard).

– New bike stand.

– New kickstart pedal with a better performance during the starting process.

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